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Ottoman Turkish Bathhouse & Gym
The only bathhouse of its kind in Sydney, Ottoman is in Granville, a few minutes from Auburn. It’s basically for women only but men can visit on Wednesdays and Saturdays after 8pm.

The history of the Turkish bath goes back many hundreds of years, and began out of necessity. In Ottoman times, houses didn’t have running water, so families went to a communal bathhouse.

It’s highly unlikely that in those days women could relax and enjoy the pleasures they can today. Spa, hairdresser, waxing, facials, nails and make-up are all there in Granville. There’s a solarium gym, cafe, huge terrace where authentic Turkish cuisine and beverages are served, and they even a child minding service.

Known as ‘hamam’ there is a spa, central massage slab and marble basins. Temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius causing sweating and the pores to open as you lie on the slab. An attendant appears to scrub your skin with an exfoliating mitt, followed by a loofah and natural soap treatment.

It is a wonderfully exhilarating experience leaving you refreshed and squeaky clean!

Stop! Hamam time!
by Josstix on Jul 15 2010, 09:24PM

For those of you who lament the closing, lengthy refurbishment, long awaited yet disappointing reopening (sans ginseng) and then indefinite reclosing of the Korean Bathhouse in Kings Cross – I have a solution.

Australia’s only traditional Turkish Hamam – The Ottoman Turkish Baths and Gym in South Granville (or really the back of Auburn, which is home to Australia’s biggest Turkish community and the Gallipoli Mosque).

On a freezing Sunday afternoon, we depart for a drive through my old stomping ground (yes, I was born and bred in Auburn Municipality) and arrive at the Baths located a few blocks from another western suburbs hidden jewel- The Auburn Botanic and Japanese Gardens (for a full run-down of this read my 1994 Senior Geography Project).

Turkish Baths were huge in the Victorian era, the first one in Sydney opened way back in 1859, and there were several in all east coast cities through out the late 19th century. The benefits of hydrotherapy and thermal bathing were purported across the western world at this time as being a cure for all sorts of ills.