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Medical Grade Laser
Oct 19

Medical Grade Laser

Ottoman Turkish Bath is the latest version of laser and IPL light technologies. Ottoman Turkish Bath uses the same light frequency as IPL however the way the light is delivered into the skin, produces a better result. This treatment is required on a monthly basis for approximately six months to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Permanent hair reduction is achieved when the hair follicle is destroyed, the light from the Ottoman Turkish Bath crystal is absorbed by the hair follicle. The hair follicle then heats up and gets destroyed therefore no hair can grow back into that follicle.

Ottoman Turkish Bath can be more expensive initially however long term it works out much cheaper than waxing or shaving. 80% of our clients prefer the Ottoman Turkish Bath treatments over waxing. This treatment is 100% safe and has been researched and developed for many years. Only 1% of potential clients can not have the Ottoman Turkish Bath treatment due to various medications and health conditions.

To begin your Ottoman Turkish Bath treatment we apply a cooling conductive gel to the area that will be treated. This gel prepares the skin and allows the light to pass through. Your therapist will then treat the area using the Ottoman Turkish Bath light, you may experience a mild flicking sensation and some heat. This feeling will only last for a second.