Turkish Bath

What is a Hamam?

A hamam is a turkish bath. It consists of a spa, gobek tasi (central massage slab), kurna (marble basins) and water taps, where customers take bath filling their tas (bowls) and pouring it on themselves.


In the hamam, the temperature reaches up to 50 degrees and you naturally start sweating and pores of your skin open while sitting or stretching your body out on the gobek tasi.
Suddenly the "tellak" (bath massage attendant) shows up and without hesitation starts scrubbing your skin with a "kese" (exfoliating mitt) which exfoliates the dead skin from your body. After the "kese", the "tellak" takes hold of a loofah made from plant fibers, makes it foamy with natural soaps and rubs your whole body.
An exhilirating experience!!!

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